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Type KM centrifugal cantilever pumps

Technical Parameters Master Table
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      Type KM centrifugal cantilever single-staged pumps with horizontal axial intake of liquid to the impeller are designed for pumping, in stationary conditions, of pure water (except sea water) with pH=6-9 and temperatures from 0°C to 85° (up to 105°C if double gland seal is used) as well as of other liquids similar to water in density, viscosity and chemical activity and containing solid impurities of not more than 0.1% in volume and less than 0,2 mm in size.
      They are used in systems of municipal water services, for irrigation and drainage.


KM 80-50-200
KM - pump type (cantilever monoblock)
80 - inlet pipe diameter (mm)
50 - outlet pipe diameter (mm)
200 - nominal impeller diameter (mm)


      From the hydraulics standpoint, a monoblock cantilever pump is a typical type of centrifugal pump whose working body is a centrifugal wheel.
      The centrifugal wheel consists of two disks, between which, uniting them into one piece, there are blades smoothly bent opposite to the direction of the wheel rotation.       When the wheel spins, each particle of liquid inside the wheel experiences a centrifugal force directly proportional to the distance of the particle from the centre of the wheel and to the angular speed of rotation squared.       Under action of this force, the liquid is thrown out from the driving wheel to the pressure head pipeline, thus creating vacuum in the centre of the wheel and heightened pressure in its peripheral part.
      The flow of the liquid in the suction pipe is caused by the difference of pressure above the surface of the liquid in the reception tank and the vacuum created in the central area of the wheel.
      In the type K pumps the motor shaft torque is lead on the pump shaft by the means of the flexible coupling. In the type KM pumps the impeller is installed on the end of the motor extention shaft.
      While the application and technical features of the K and KM pumps parts are the same, the type KM pumping units have smaller dimensions and weight.

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