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      Company "Rosgidromash" is a leading manufacturer and supplier of pumping equipment, electric motors and generators for a wide variety of applications, a major company in this field in Russia and the Community of Independent States [CIS]
      We supply PUMPS for handling pure water and other liquids, including chemically active ones, oil and oil products, steam and condensate as well as ELECTRIC MOTORS for general and special purposes. More than 3000 enterprises of mining and processing industry, power generating industry and communal services (water supply, sewer system) are successfully using pump units, electrical equipment and other products provided by "Rosgidromash". Distributing complete-unit products to our customers in Russia and in the countries of the former Soviet Union - Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kirgyzstan, the Baltic countries, - as well as in Bulgaria and Mongolia, we cooperate on equal terms with other manufacturers of this kind of products.
      The range of our partners is wide. JSC "Rosgidromash" is a dealer of:
  • "Vipom" JSC
  • SC "Vladimirsky Electricmotor Plant"
  • Trading House - "KEM"
  • "Yasnogorsk Machine-Building Plant"
  • "Bavleny Plant "Electricmotors"
  • "Barancha Machine-Building Plant"
      We work to offer the highest quality products and services available on the market. Our products are a guarantee of efficacy, reliability and easy maintenance. To suit your specific requirements the equipment is made to order.
      Our offices can be found in areas throughout Russia and also in Bulgaria.
 (+7 486 2) 43-73-22,   (+7 495) 931-97-18,   (+7 473 2) 63-59-81,   (+359 2) 971-56-71;