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   Vipom JSC specializes in pumps and pump units construction and manufacture. Over the years of operation the company's production has been developed in a way to come up with some 1000 varieties of pumps divided into 31 series.
   Its wide-ranging production line opens up opportunities for delivery of a large number of items into the following areas: Industry and agriculture; chemical industry; water-supply; drainage, power generation from minor water sources; heat-power ingineering; households and private farms; shipbuilding; hydraulic works construction.
   The company's structure guarantees and ensures independent marketing and trade activities supported by a branch office in Sofia and one authorized representative in Moscow, as well as by VIPOM's sales agents in Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, and Ukraine. VIPOM JSC traditionally spans two markets, external and internal.
   The company exports its production to the following line of countries: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, and Jordan etc.
   The VIPOM production line complies with all of the Bulgarian State Quality Standards. A great majority of the line items meet the European and International Quality Standards.
   In 1997 product quality control system was integrated in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 Standard.
   Vipom JSC has got ISO 9001:2000 certification in April 2003.

   Vladimir Electromotor Plant (VEMP) is a major manufacturer of induction electric motors in Russia. It was founded in 1955. The plant has been maintaining the leading position on the market of electrotechnical equipment. VEMP is a collective member of the Russian Academy of Electrical Technology. By its technical characteristics and level of energy saving the "VEMP"JSC products compare well with foreign analogs. The share of exports is constantly growing. VEMP motors, manufactured according to the norms of CENELEK DOCUMENT 28/64, work successfully in Germany, Italy, Sudan, Egypt, and others countries.

Баранчинский электромашиностроительный завод
   The plant is a leader in engineering and design of synchronous generators of GSM, GSMCh, BG series with power from 8 up to 315 kW for completing stationary and mobile power supply installations of missile systems and radiolocation stations, as well as for use at sea-craft with unlimited navigation area.
Produced large induction electric motors are widely used in oil and gas recovery, excavating machinery production, at metallurgical works, heat power plants, in building industry in capacity of driving motors of elevators, in municipal electric transport (tram, trolleybus) and many other industries.

   The plant was founded in 1931. The main priority is production of equipment for chemical, petroleum and natural gas industries.

Electro ZVI
   "Electro ZVI"JSC specializes in manufacturing and repairing of general-purpose induction electric motors with squirrel-cage or phase-wound rotors, the rotation axle height of 200; 225; 250; 280; 315; 355 mm, the power of 37 to 400 kW. The plant also manufactures special electric motors: joint compressors, for various pump units, ventilators, blowers, for underground escalators, etc.

Bobruisk Machine Building Plant
   Bobruisk Machine Building Plant specializes in manufacturing of centrifugal pumps. The plant produces centrifugal pumps for pumping oil, oil products and liquefied gases (NK, NPS, NSD), sewage liquids (SZh, SMO, SD), pulp and paper (BM), pumps which are widely used in water-supply systems and municipal services (VK, VKM).

   The plant produces more than 30 varieties of generators, up to 70 designs of electric motors and more than 20 models of pumping units.

   The plant specializes in manufacturing of explosion-proof motors.

   MZT PUMPI was established in 1945 and at first specialized in production of manual fire pumps. In the 60's it started with production of pumps for transferring water, fluids with higher viscosity and equipment for complex pumping stations.
   Over the years the production program widened. Today it includes pumps for transferring clear and contaminated water, fecal waste waters, sludge, chemically active liquids, oils, petrol, masut.

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