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I'd like to buy a pump (electic motor). How do I go about it?
 If you know the brand of the pump (electric motor), you may make a call and place an order for it, or place an order by e-mail or you may leave your message in section "contact". If you don't know the brand of the needed equipment, you can get in touch with our specialists, who will give you skilled advice on selecting out the equipment. You may also go to "search".

What pump characteristics am I to know?
To select pump equipment you are to know its capacity, head and the liquid to be pumped. To make the best selection you have also to know the physical characteristics of the pumped liquid: viscosity, pH, temperature, etc.
    To select a motor, you are to know the power and rotational frequency. It is also advisable to know the voltage, class of insulation and protection-degree, design, frame size.

Is it possible to buy spare parts?
Yes, we are sure to supply you with necessary spare parts. Send us your specifications for the needed spare parts, and very soon you will get our answer spelling out the prices of the spare parts as well as the conditions and time of their delivery.
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